Enrolment is easy, free and benefits you, your family and your community.

It is a good idea to enrol with a medical centre before you actually need to see a doctor or nurse. If you are moving, or just wanting to change your GP, you can download enrolment information on our website and start registering with one of our medical centres today.

If you are a visitor to the region and need medical care, you are also welcome. Please call for an appointment.  All visitors and casual patients, please be aware that extra charges can apply when you are not enrolled.

If you would like to know more about what it means to enrol and what the benefits are, please see our FAQs pages.


When you enrol with a medical centre, you get special benefits including:

  • Cheaper fees at your regular medical centre
  • Reminders for regular health checks such as cervical smears, immunisations, mammograms, heart checks and other tests to help you to stay healthy.
  • Additional services such as support to help manage diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure, as well as advice and support on making healthy lifestyle decisions such as stopping smoking
  • Enrolment helps you and your family to develop a strong relationship with your doctors and general practice team

Having a regular doctor is important to your overall health and wellbeing. Your local medical centre team supports you to stay healthy and be well. They can also help you get in contact with other health services.


We warmly welcome new paitents to Howick House Medical. However,  Dr Bronwyn Lloyd is NOT cuurently taking on new paitents.

To enrol with us please download and fill out our Registration Form and our Paitent Enrolment Form and bring both forms into the practice with either your passport or birth certificate to prove your eligibility.

If you have any questions, please ask reception. We can then book an appointment time with the Doctor.

As part of the enrolment process, you will be given a Health Information Brochure issued by our Primary Health Organisation -East Health Trust which outlines Important Implications on the use of your medical data, see below.


DO NOT book online or phone for an appointment.